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My Sleepy Koala

It's only natural for parents to get overwhelmed by so much conflicting information out there. Additionally, it is clear that most of the information available to parents promotes independence and unrealistic expectations of parents and their children, not only when it comes to sleep but also in general. 


Having two wakeful babies myself, I can relate to parents who struggle with their child's sleep. I know from experience how difficult it can be to be exhausted and try to be there for your child whenever needed. I know how it feels like to want to sleep better, but also to be sure that sleep training is not right for your baby or your family. This is why I am not here to "fix" your child. Instead, I'm here to look at sleep from a holistic perspective. ​

I became a mother in 2019. It's been a beautiful, yet crazy and overwhelming, journey. Being a first time mom, who lives abroad, with no family around as support network has added a lot of extra pressure to the already challenging transition to motherhood. 

I knew motherhood was hard but there were many aspects of it I did not know about. All the self-doubt, how isolated and lonely you can feel, how common it is to suffer from Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMDs), the guilt, or even the impact sleep deprivation may have on you and your family. 

No one ever told me that I could be sleep deprived beyond the fourth trimester. Hence, as a first time mom, I suffered from anxiety due to my first daughter's sleep. Since day one, she has been a very alert baby, so aware of what she sees and so interested in absorbing everything she can. Personality traits that I love about her and will help her achieve all her goals and dreams. However, this also means that she was a wakeful baby who continued to have multiple night wakings even intotoddlerhood.

My main concern was whether or not something wrong with her. You see, she didn't sleep like babies are supposed to sleep according to all those books about infant sleep. As a result, I stopped enjoying our days together because I became obsessed with her sleep. Then, things started to get worse and worse... I didn't know how my own stress and anxiety could impact her sleep patterns. 

That's when I realised I had stopped believing in myself. That's when I decided to block out all the outside noise and look for something that would help me be the mother I wanted to be for my little one. Although my head was full of self-doubt, there was one thing I knew for certain - I wanted to be there for my daughter. Whenever she would try to communicate a need to me, I knew with all my heart, I needed to respond to her. That's how I realised I wanted to have a respectful and nurturing parenting style. 

It took me a while to learn that all I have to do is to follow my instincts as a mother, and that being my authentic self was what my daughter needed from me, but I got there. So, my main goal is to help parents trust themselves by sharing my own experience and the knowledge I have acquired on normal infant sleep. I'm here to support you on this journey and empower you to be able to trust yourself and be the parent you want to be. 

Truly understanding that I am ALL my daughter needs has been life changing.

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in English Teaching and Master's Degree in Multilingual Communication. I am certified as a Baby-Led Sleep & Well-Being Specialist. Most recently, I completed a certification in Breastfeeding Education. 

My Approach

When supporting families, I focus on their unique circumstances to help them find the right strategies to support their child's sleep. 

Normal infant sleep, the developmental approach and attachment science are the heart of my approach. 

My Goal

My aim is to empower parents so that they can find their inner voice and trust themselves, all by following an attachment-based approach. 

I'm here to help you implement the changes that will help you improve the quality of your baby's sleep in a nurturing way.

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