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You find comfort when you are on my breast

Updated: May 19

I wrote this post at 3 in the morning while my little one was sleeping on me after waking up vomiting.

You find comfort on my breast... But it is not only you the one who does. I also find comfort when you are on my breast. When I see that you settle. When I see that you feel safe. When I see that I am your home. I also find comfort when you are on my breast. Because you force me to slow down. Because you tell me you need me to be present. Because I can see we get to connect on such a deep level. I also find comfort when you are on my breast. Because I get to hold you close one more time. Because I get to carefully look at you. Because I get to kiss your forehead and smell your beautiful hair. Because I get to soak in this precious moment my little girl. Breastfeeding has not been easy for us. We have had our ups and downs. There have been times when you have needed me so much that I have just felt that I cannot do it anymore. That I need to stop so that I can have a bit of space of my own; so that I can feel like “myself” again (or at least that what I have been told). I am proud to say that my daughter has been the best teacher and thanks to that, and the support of my husband, we have had a successful and beautiful breastfeeding journey - 27 months and counting. We get told that breastfeeding is for nutritional value but I have learned that it is way more than that. I have learned that breastfeeding is a complex relationship between a mother and a child. I never thought I would be breastfeeding my 2 yo, but for that I am and will be forever grateful. Please note that I do not think I am a better mom because of my breastfeeding journey. I know every single mom out there is doing the best they can, no matter if their babies are breastfed or formula fed.

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