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The Full Story

About MySleepyKoala

As a passionate mother and certified Baby-Led Sleep & Well-Being Specialist, I understand the challenges parents face in today's world of overwhelming parenting advice. Drawing from my personal experience of nurturing two wakeful babies from diverse cultural backgrounds, I deeply empathise with the struggles of parenthood.


Becoming a Mother

My journey into motherhood began in 2019, a beautiful yet daunting experience, especially as an expat without immediate family support. It opened my eyes to the hidden aspects of motherhood – the self-doubt, isolation, and the impact of Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders (PMADs).

The Wakeful Baby Challenge

My firstborn, an alert and curious baby, defied the conventional sleep patterns touted in parenting books. Her continuous night wakings led to anxiety and obsession over her sleep. I realised that my stress was affecting her sleep, and I had lost faith in my instincts as a mother.

I made a crucial decision to block out the noise and seek a nurturing parenting style. I embraced my authenticity and trust in my maternal instincts. My goal was to be there for my daughter, responsive to her needs, and respectful of her communication cues.


Educational Background

With a Bachelor’s Degree in English Teaching, a Master's Degree in Multilingual Communication, and certifications as a Baby-Led Sleep & Well-Being Specialist and Breastfeeding Educator, I've equipped myself with knowledge to support parents like you.

My Approach

My approach centers on normal infant sleep, developmental insights, and attachment science. I focus on understanding your unique circumstances to help you discover the right strategies to support your child's sleep.


My Mission

I am dedicated to empowering parents to find their inner voice and trust themselves, following an attachment-based approach. My ultimate goal is to help you implement nurturing changes that improve your baby's sleep quality.

Your Journey Starts Here

I'm here to guide and support you on this rewarding parenting journey. Let's work together to create a nurturing sleep environment for your little one, ensuring restful nights and brighter days for your family. Whether you're in Australia, Costa Rica, Europe, or anywhere else in the world, I've got you covered with personalised support options to help you achieve your sleep goals without sleep training.

Let's embark on this journey together, where you can confidently navigate the challenges of parenting and enjoy the fulfilling experience you deserve.

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