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My Daughter's Library

Updated: May 19

Here is a list of my daughter's favourite books at the moment, from bedtimes stories to books in Spanish (if you are bilingual or would like to teach your child some Spanish).

My daughter loves reading and I could not be happier about it. Reading to your little one has many different benefits. Research shows that reading to your baby (the earlier the better) encourages language development. It's also stated that it promotes brain development and imagination; stimulates curiosity; develops emotions; and it's a great way to bond and strengthen your relationship.

With that in mind, I thought of sharing some of my daughter's favourite books, in case you need some inspiration or you would like to get some new books for your little Click the title to check out the book current price... So let's get started!

Quick Tip: We like to keep certain books only as bedtime stories. This is a good way to signal your little one that it is almost time to go to bed as those books are only read during your bedtime routine.

My daughter's favourite bedtime stories

This is a lovely story about a mouse that takes a stroll through the deep dark wood (my daughter loves this!), only to find himself in some trouble. This little mouse is quick in finding ways to trick all the forest animals that want to eat him. The Gruffalo itself is a peculiar character, one my daughter seems to find very amusing.

My daughter loves this one. I guess it is something to do with the fact that the story is told in lovely rhyming language. If you feel like it and your little one won't find it to stimulating for a bedtime story, you can bring the story to life by adding some good voice variations.

This is a fun book, great to teach your child about numbers, colours, fruits and so much more. My daughter loves the illustrations of the book. I love the fact that there is a nice takeaway message about the importance of teamwork and helping each other.

You can also find this book in different languages, Spanish being one of them.

Another fun story by Anuska Allepuz filled with wonderful illustrations. This one is about a cute little donkey who only likes to eat grass. I am sure this book will resonate with all the picky eaters out there and their parents.

Here is the link for the Spanish Edition.

An Australian classic. It is about Grandma Poss who made Hush invisible to protect her from all the bush dangers. After a while, Hush wants to be visible again and Grandma Poss cannot find the magic to do so. So they have to tour Australia to find what will make Poss visible again.

Another great book by an Australian author. This story is about four animal friends, Moose, Lion, Zebra and Sheep; who run into a very cranky bear.

This is a lovely story about a little girl who has limitless imagination. It is a book about dinosaurs, fairies, unicorns and creatures long forgot. "Anything is possible and nothing is as it seems in a magical moonlit island where children and the creatures from their dreams fly".

One of the greatest childhood classics and a book that your little one will love to explore. You can use this book to teach your child about fruits, numbers, colours, food, and even days of the week. This story has a nice takeaway message about nutrition.

You can also find a Spanish edition.

Spanish Books we like to read throughout the day

Given that I am a Spanish native speaker, I find that reading stories in Spanish is a great way for me to collect my daughter and reconnect when needed, like after a whole day at daycare.

This is a fun book to teach your child about emotions and how to identify them. The story is simple and easy to follow.

A lovely story about a bear that is having a birthday party. So he writes three letters to invite his friends to his party. This story has lovely rhyming language so it is perfect to read aloud to your little one.

A lovely book filled with beautiful illustrations. A simple story to teach your little one about the importance and benefits of hugs. My daughter loves to role play the way the animals in the story hug each other.

"There are many little ways to enlarge your child's world. Love of the books is the best of all." - Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis

Happy Reading!

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