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Mother and Son

Welcome to MySleepyKoala

Sleep Solutions for Empowered Parents

Looking for expert guidance in infant sleep?

I specialise in responsive parenting-focused sleep education without sleep training. Let me help you create a gentle sleep environment that works!


Hi, I'm Michelle

As a mum of two lovely girls, I understand the daily struggles you face with your child's sleep. I've experienced firsthand the exhaustion of wanting to be there for my children while also craving a good night's rest. I’ve even questioned the path of sleep training myself!

But here's my mission – I'm here to approach sleep in a gentle and holistic way, based on science, and not on sleep training. Let's have a free discovery call, and together, we'll find the path to better sleep for your little one and a more peaceful experience for you.


See how we can make a difference together

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Promote restful infant sleep tailored to your baby


Reduce overnight wakings by increasing connection

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Migrate from cry-it-out methods to attachment-based strategies

Baby with Teddy Bear

Techniques to best navigate changes like nap transitions and swaddle-free life

Baby Siblings

Provide age specific nighttime feeding and weaning guidelines

Baby Stretches

Reduce false starts and early wake-ups

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MySleepyKoala Services

I want to help you and your little one get the sleep you need.

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Christina C.

I really appreciated that you shared some of your personal experiences regarding your daughter. It was really helpful to hear someone with a similar experience to mine, who was understanding of what I was going through. You helped validate my thoughts, feelings, and instincts which empowered me to feel confident in myself and my decisions/choices.
I can't think of anything vou could improve. I know there's not some magic potion for baby sleep. It's nice that you don't try to pretend there is and sell something that isn't real.
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