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Certified Baby-Led Sleep & Well Being Specialist

Sleep Support That Empowers Parents -
Bump and Beyond

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My Sleepy Koala

Hi, I'm Michelle!

I'm the proud mama of two determined little girls. Our family is unique because of the mix of cultural backgrounds in our household. I'm from Costa Rica; my husband is from Spain; and we currently live in Australia. 

It's only natural for parents to get overwhelmed by so much conflicting information out there. Additionally, it is clear that most of the information available to parents promotes independence and unrealistic expectations of parents and their children, not only when it comes to sleep but also in general.
Having two wakeful babies myself, I can relate to parents who struggle with their child's sleep. I know from experience how difficult it can be to be exhausted and try to be there for your child whenever needed. I know how it feels like to want to sleep better, but also to be sure that sleep training is not right for your baby or your family. This is why I am not here to "fix" your child. Instead, I'm here to look at sleep from a holistic perspective. ​

You might feel anxious as a new parent; reading conflicting information. Given unrealistic advice and baby sleep training methods that don't fit you. Led to doubt your parenting choices. You may have tried what the "experts" say to do. There might be guilt, shame or the feeling of failure that you can't give your baby what they need.

I am here to support you. I was there before. After combining my education & communication background with my certification in Baby-Led Sleep & Well Being - I was able to rest in my own trust. I became confident that I WAS doing the right thing - responding to my baby. I was not weak for responding to my baby and I was not creating "bad habits".

Let me share with you attachment parenting focused sleep education and understand developmentally appropriate sleep behavior.


I am here to help you experience the life changing transformation that Baby-Led Sleep and Attachment Parenting has done for me: to truly understand YOU are ALL your child needs. 

Types of Baby Sleep Challenges

I offer expertise and attachment-focused techniques to various baby sleep challenges, including education on what is developmentally appropriate and normal for your baby's age. I offer a comprehensive intake to assess potential inputs and outputs in your little one's day to day life, in order to seek a root cause for atypical concerns that you might have.

Serving the Sydney region and beyond through virtual services.

Sleep School alternatives that are baby-led rather than separation-based
Advice that is NOT Sleep Training, Cry It Out, Controlled Crying
Wake Windows, Typical Rythms & Routines by each months old
Night Feedings, Night Weaning
Dropping Naps, Going from 3 to 2 naps, 2 to 1 naps, etc
Split Nights (overnight wakings for 1+ hours)
Sleep Settling Techniques & Sleep Cycle Education
Transition to No Swaddle
False Starts (waking soon after falling asleep)
"Being a parent is more than just a list of things we do; it is about who we are to our children and who we become because of loving them."
Dr. Deborah Macnamara

I really appreciated that you shared some of your personal experiences regarding your daughter. It was really helpful to hear someone with a similar experience to mine, who was understanding of what I was going through. You helped validate my thoughts, feelings, and instincts which empowered me to feel confident in myself and my decisions/choices. 

I can't think of anything you could improve. I know there's not some magic potion for baby sleep. It's nice that you don't try to pretend there is and "sell" something that isn't real.

Christina C.

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